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Material fatigue

UIT behandeling lasreparaties A main part of the failures with dynamic loaded structures is caused by the origin of material fatigue. These days there are several patented technologies by which the fatigue strength of critical materials and weld connections can be enhanced. This concerns new build structures as well as structures that have reached the end of there theoretical lifetime. Pieper QSI can support your company to assess applied details with relation to the sensitivity for fatigue and executes treatments with patented technologies like PIT® (Pneumatic Impact Treatment) and Esonix® UIT (Ultrasonic Impact treatment).

We can support you or your company in the following cases:
  • Consultancy in relation to the choice of weld details in dynamically loaded structures.

  • Project support during projects with the aim to enhance fatigue lifetime of welded structures (for example bridges, cranes and offshore structures) by way of the PIT or Esonix UIT technology, and executing the inspections afterwards on treated areas in order to guarantee proper treatment as well as release structures after final approval of the executed treatments. Pieper QSI also provides presentations and demonstrations with relation to PIT and/or UIT technology.
    Besides that Pieper QSI is also certified to train operators who have to execute treatments with one of these technologies.

  • Executing (weld) treatments with the so called high frequency hammering technologies like PIT (Pneumatic Impact Treatment) or Esonix UIT (Ultrasonic Impact Treatment), with the aim to enhance fatigue strength of materials and/or welds.
    Pieper QSI is certified for executing these treatments.

  • Drawn up treatment procedures for PIT or Esonix UIT treatment projects as well as confer with supervising notified bodies and principals in order to receive final approval.

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