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On this page you may find links to interesting websites related to welding technology, material fatigue and standards. You also may find links to companies with whom Pieper QSI now and then is cooperating on project base.

GNAW welding

Pitec GmbH - Heudorf - Germany
Pitec GmbH is the owner of the patented PIT technology. With this company Pieper QSI is cooperating for projects all over Europe with the aim of enhancing materials and weld connections fatigue strength.

Dutch Institute for Welding
Website of the Dutch Institute for Welding.
On this website you can find information regarding education of to welding related persons. Here you also can find information regarding welding and material knowledge and the different in the Netherlands present regional welding groups.

Dutch Normalisation Institute (NNI)
Website of the Dutch Normalisation Institute (NNI). On this website you can find actual information of the status of international standards like Euronorms.

Beuth - Duitsland
The German collegians of the NNI.
Here you can find the actual status of DIN standards. If you become a member you also can get access to a special part of the website where you can find information about withdrawn and replaced standards.

Lasgroep Noord
The website of Welding discussion Group North Netherlands, a group of enthusiastic professionals being engaged with welding (with members from the provinces Groningen, Frisian and Drenthe). This website provides information about the presentations and excursions within the group and also provides interesting links to other websites.

Lasgroep Oost
Website of the welding discussion Group Eastern Netherlands with similar information as on North but with members from the eastern of the Netherlands.

Materials & Welding - Engels
An interesting discussion group on Google Groups where technical issues about details of welding technology and design specifications as well as problems related to welding are being discussed between the members.

WebElements - Engels
Online periodic table with all the chemical elements known at this moment. For each element you can find information about the applications and the chemical properties of this element.