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On this page you can find a few companies using the services of Pieper QSI with a short summary of the activities performed for that specific company. From here you also can visit the webpage of these companies by clicking on the company logo.

Logo of Bennink & ten Cate BV

Bennink & ten Cate BV - Heerenveen
Since October 2008 - now

Bennink & ten Cate BV is a manufacturer of High-Quality castings in single piece or small series
in about 125 different material types.
Pieper QSI executes the following activities for Bennink & ten Cate:
  • Maintain and updating the ISO 9001-2008 manual and corresponding work instructions
  • Maintain certification according to the European Pressure Directive (PED) 97/23/EC
  • Executing internal audits
  • Drawn up Welding Procedure Specifications and Weld repair procedures
  • Executing Welding Procedure and Welder qualifications
  • Supporting the Quality Assurance Employee

Logo of Pitec GmbH - Heudorf - Germany

Pitec GmbH - Heudorf - Germany
Since October 2008 - now

Pitec GmbH is the owner of the patented PIT (Pneumatic Impact Treatment) technology
by which the fatigue strength of materials and/or weld connections can be improved.
Pieper QSI executes the following activities for Pitec:
  • Giving presentations / demonstrations with relation to the PIT technology at companies
    within the Netherlands and English-speaking companies within Europe.
  • Executing PIT treatments within all Europe
  • Giving training courses to certify Operators who must perform PIT treatments

Logo of Reineveld - Oldenzaal

Reineveld Europe BV - Oldenzaal
Since December 2008 - now

Reineveld Europe realizes complete systems for dewatering suspensions in different industrial markets.
For Reineveld Pieper QSI takes care of technical inspections including drawing up technical reports during
the manufacturing process and besides that supplies technical support regarding welding technology.

Logo of Blancke Metaalbewerking BV - Schoonebeek

Blancke Metaalbewerking BV - Schoonebeek
Since March 2009 - October 2010

Blancke Metaalbewerking is engaged in the manufacturing of constructions, pressure vessels
and equipment for among the On- and Offhore-, Petrochemical and Food Proccesing Industry,
as well as executing repair and/or revision activities for these markets and performing
machining of materials.
Pieper QSI executes among other things the following activities for Blancke Metaalbewerking:
  • Handling DAD requests for orders falling under the European Pressure directive 97/23/EC
  • Drawn up Welding Procedure Specifications
  • Execution of various Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities