Establishment of Pieper Weld Treatment

Gepubliceerd op: 17 januari 2019 om 11:53

Since 01-07-2017 Pieper Weld Treatment is founded, esspecially for this propose also Pieper Fatigue Consultancy BV founded. 
Pieper Weld Treatment is a partnership between Pieper Fatugue Consultancy BV and Takke Projecten BV - Breukelen.
This partnership company will execute projects regarding fatigue enhancement of dynamically loaded welded structures by way of PIT (Pneumatic Impact Technology). Pieper Weld Treatment executes among others PIT treatments for Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Highway Authority) and TATA Steel, both directly and for subcontractors.
If you are interested in information regarding this technologie or what our company can do for you than please do not hesitate to send an e-mail sturen to